Since I was very young, the film industry machine has always fascinated me.  Until my first job in the film industry, as a prop assistant for a low-budget film, my own ideas had not been clear to myself.  Thanks to that experience, I have devoted myself to the task of clarifying my ideas and have been very successful at achieving this goal. 

My background in classical studies and fine arts mixed with a strong practical training allow me to combine psychological meanings with architectural structure.
I greatly enjoy the production design industry and experience strong personal satisfaction at achieving good results. I like any aspects of the art department, especially the care of details, in props sourcing or drawing them.

I am confident in hand drafting, model-making, props sourcing, script beak down, and visualization. 

I am a hard worker and respect deadlines.  I enjoy being a team player, but I also take initiative when working on solo projects.
Through  my past work experiences, I have learned how to face responsibilities and stressful situations, gaining good time management skills. 

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  1. Hello,

    I am a Production Designer and University Professor in Denver, Colorado, USA. I came across your portfolio work on line, and the model work and drafting is simply excellent. I like to be able to show this kind of work to my design students here at the university. Would you be willing to share any PDF files of your drafting tat I could print out here to show in my students classes? Or high resolution images of your model work I can print out? I would greatly appreciate it. Your research work of composited images is just great. I am very much in to creating this kind of web site for my directors, complete with models and renderings. I would appreciate connecting with you. Thanks,

    Kent Homchick
    Associate Professor of Production Design
    College of Arts and Media
    University of Colorado, Denver, USA